Monthly Archive:: May 2013

U.S. Cellular Announces Plans To Sell Apple Products This Year

Apple has recently started making more and more of their products available to pre-paid carriers, and here is yet another one. U.S. Cellular, the

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launches in Canada

The big day for those looking to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S4 is upon us. Samsung’s “Life Companion” is available today

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 benchmark results

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, which uses a Vivantec GC1000 core GPU, is seen to be able to offer up to twice the performance

Watch How HTC Makes the HTC One So Beautiful

The HTC One is very probably the most beautiful looking smartphone on the planet right now and very possibly the very best phone money

Google Releases Video To Help You Get Started With Glass

Right now, very few people have Google Glass in their hands. In order to even be on the list to receive Glass, you had

Samsung Galaxy Note III Specifications Leaked?

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 now old news, attention is shifting to what Samsung has in store for us next. Its next flagship device