Angry Birds Epic on its way soon, a new turn-based RPG from Rovio

Even though the world is packed with as many rants, rumors and achievements of Flappy Bird, we all know this isn’t the franchise that started it all. Way before its release, Angry Birds was the first iOS game to reach an un-heard level of popularity. Since then, Rovio has launched many different spin-offs of the original Angry Birds game, and the company is now preparing its newest one.

The company is launching Angry Birds Epic, which is a new turn-based roll player game that provides a combat and a crafting system — players can craft armor, potions and weapons, etc. As with many other games, you can fund enhancements through gamer currency or in-app purchases if you don’t want to bother growing in points.

Sadly Rovio hasn’t been specific as to which platforms will get this game on its launch. All we do know is that the game will only be available to Canada and Australia next week, and we should expect this to expand to other territories soon after.

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