Audi Details New 48-Volt Electrical System

Audi has released some details on its future electrical system.

Earlier this year when the company revealed its RS5 TDI concept, it also announced that it is testing a 48-volt electrical system that would enhance the standard 12-volt system. The 48-volt system is also being tested in the A6 TDI concept and consists of a compact lithium-ion battery providing 48 volts as well as powering a compressor that operates independently from the engine. In essence, the system makes the drivetrain a mild hybrid but also makes it capable of utilizing an electric turbocharger.

The German automaker also shared that the system will help improve start-stop technology by offering more ways to control the engine while providing power to secondary systems when the engine is in the off phase. The larger electrical system will also serve as the main source of energy for all of Audi’s dynamic chassis technologies including Dynamic Roll Control. Ultimately, the system will also help enhance fuel economy helping save a gallon of gas every 600 miles or so.

GALLERY: Audi RS5 TDI Concept


Audi RS5 TDI Concept

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