Facebook Messenger updated, now incorporates stickers

Facebook Home may have been somewhat of a debacle for Mark Zuckerberg and Co., but Facebook Messenger and more specifically Chat Heads, has garnered glowing reviews.

Continuing Facebook’s recent love affair with Android, Facebook has updated Facebook Messenger to incorporate stickers. Previously only available on iOS, the feature was recently discovered to be hidden in the Android application and has now finally become an official feature of the app.

If you believe text and emoji just aren’t adding enough zing to your conversation, you can use the new stickers feature by first updating the application, opening a chat dialog (not SMS) and tapping on the smiley, on the right side of the input box (see third screenshot in the image above).

However, there is a catch. It seems as though Facebook has chosen to go down the staggered roll out path as the fine print of the update reads: “these features will be available to everyone soon.” So if you haven’t received access to the stickers, fear not, they’ll be available to you soon.

As with most updates, this version of Facebook Messengers also comes with many bug fixes to add to the enjoyment of stickers. Hit the source link to download/update the application.

Have you gotten your hands on those stickers yet?

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