Google Stars Details Released

Google is testing a cloud service bookmarking tool called Google Stars that would allow Chrome browser users to add web objects and save them in a searchable index. Google Stars will enable web pages, images, videos, emails, Maps locations, Google+ pages, Drive documents and more to be moved to a library.

Today, The Next Web alerts us to a leaked video and screenshots of a wide array of features for Google Stars. Google+ user Florian Kiersch, released a video he filmed showing what testers of the service have access to.


On the main screen, all items that you have favorited will show up at all times as well as an option to break those down by folders and filters. Each folder will require a name and a description, will also have an option to be placed in a parent folder, and can be edited as well as deleted.

The search option will be front and center with auto-complete and suggestions, bookmarks will be shown as images with the option to add notes, and that drag and drop support will be included. Furthermore, filters will automatically organize content, spam detection will be built-in, and sharing will be possible with links to public folders.

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