iPhone 6 Release Date Delayed To October 14?

Apple has been expected to launch the next version of the iPhone within the next couple of months. Many assumed it would be coming during September following the same schedule as the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5.

Several rumours are now suggesting it wont be in stores until October 14, the same day of the year we got our hands on the iPhone 4S back in 2011.

Those rumours have come from Japan’s Nikkei news service and from a variety of Taiwanese supply chain sources. Both sources added that the iWatch would also be launched at some point during October but didn’t give an exact date.

We have also heard that the iWatch has been delayed and it’s likely this information of a release date in October is now out of date.

Apple has fluctuated its release dates for the iPhone in the past. The first four iterations of the handset launched during June or July with the iPhone 4S then kicking off in October.

It’s looking likely to change drastically this year with the heavily rumoured iPhone 6 phablet following later in the year. It also remains uncertain where the October 14 release date will apply to, as it’s not guaranteed to launch in all the markets at the same time.

Once again, all this is just rumour, it seems quite odd to launch on October 14 as it’s a Tuesday, traditionally we see the release of new iPhone models on a Friday ready for the weekend.

[Source: knowyourmobile]

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