Major Fruit Ninja update arriving in October 2014

Despite being four years old, Fruit Ninja is still an extremely popular mobile game that has seen over 500 million downloads since it debuted in 2010. Still, the game’s UI is certainly starting to show its age, and so Halfbrick has announced plans to bring in a new menu and interface, alongside plenty of other improvements.

So what all can we expect, besides a new coat of paint on an old concept? For starters, selecting different blades and dojos will now have a real effect on the gameplay, instead of only providing a cosmetic change. As Halfbrick notes as an example in its press statement “the Great Wave dojo periodically spawns ten fruit at once, and the Autumn Blade creates a fruit-swirling tornado with every pineapple sliced.” The studio also mentions that they have “broken the score ceiling” and are bringer greater depth to the strategy of slicing in the update.

Keep in mind this isn’t a full sequel to Fruit Ninja, and will simply roll out as an update to the existing experience. The update is expected to arrive in early October.

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