Samsung Galaxy S5 Developer Edition is coming to Verizon soon

While Verizon will never be interested in making it brain-dead easy for you to take one of their phones and unlock its bootlaoder, they are willing to sell you one off-contract and let you run wild with it. It seems they always get the developer edition treatment for any major smartphone, and that’s no less true with today’s launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5.


While the landing page for the developer edition Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn’t give any details on price or release date, we can guesstimate our way to an answer. History suggests pricing is either in-line or just a bit more than the off-contract price of the regular versions of the phone, and the release date isn’t often much longer than a few weeks to a month out. Take that for what you will.

Nothing is going to differ between the two versions, otherwise — it’s a Galaxy S5, except more willing to have its encryption lifted to allow you to do whatever you want with the device. Head here for more info and stay on the lookout for news about its arrival in the days or weeks to come.

[Source: Samsung]

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