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Samsung Galaxy S5 Developer Edition is coming to Verizon soon

While Verizon will never be interested in making it brain-dead easy for you to take one of their phones and unlock its bootlaoder, they

Samsung Galaxy S5 breaks street date in Korea, rest of the world still waiting

Originally scheduled for an April 11th worldwide launch, the Samsung Galaxy S5′s big release seems to have been upstaged in, where else, but its

Galaxy S5 low lens production yields could delay launch in some regions

The camera in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5 was one of the features which impressed us the most during our hands on at MWC, however

Galaxy S5 or Xperia Z2: what’s the best Android device of the moment?

Two giants have outed two next-gen phones at Mobile World Congress 2014, with Samsung launching its anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony unveiling the

Samsung Galaxy S5 color comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S5 seems to have been receiving some mixed responses regarding the handset’s appearance, so perhaps a closer look at the handset’s

GooPhone S5 – Samsung Galaxy S5 already cloned

The Galaxy S5 was just announced on Monday, but that’s not stopping GooPhone from already unveiling a clone of it. For those who don’t