U.S. Cellular Announces Plans To Sell Apple Products This Year

Apple has recently started making more and more of their products available to pre-paid carriers, and here is yet another one. U.S. Cellular, the sixth-largest carrier in the United States, announced today that it will begin selling Apple products later this year. No specific devices were announced, but we’d assume that the carrier will sell the iPhone and cellular versions of the iPad, just like other carriers do.

“We have a number of strategies in progress to increase loyalty and attract more customers, including our announcement today that we will begin offering Apple products later this year,” Mary Dillon, U.S. Cellular’s Chief Executive, said in a statement. “By further strengthening our device portfolio, we’ll give consumers another great reason to switch to U.S. Cellular, and enable our existing customers to choose from an even wider variety of iconic smartphones, and enjoy the outstanding U.S. Cellular customer experiences they deserve.”

U.S. Cellular serves roughly 5.8 million customers spread out across 126 markets in 26 states, which puts it behind AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and MetroPCS.

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